Genuine Religion

Eigentliche Religion









Luther 500


If one does not want to read these texts for one's own reasons - reasons like the ones stated on the main page -, then one should not do it. That people voluntarily look, and keep looking, intensely at their existence is the rare exception.

All that is important in these texts has the form of approximately pointing tellings: one can see what they want to point to, or one cannot see it - or one can see it only after some, possibly long, time. Approximately pointing tellings are not statements that could be true or false. Therefore, these texts cannot confirm opinions nor can they be argued against.

Approximately pointing tellings are the only possibility to correctly talk and write about existence. It is advisable to read these texts, in spite of their approximative character, with the seriousness and concentration appropriate for checking a contract where one's existence is at stake.

Should you become convinced that these texts are existentially important for all people and that these texts should therefore be extensively proliferated, then please consider the first notice above. It is already much, if you personally call these texts to the attention of one or two people, or give them copies.




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